Capel Sound Foreshore Environment Strategy


Restoring and protecting the coastal environment is the primary goal in managing our foreshore and this was documented in the 2016 Coastal Management Plan.  In January 2017 we met with local environmentalists, professional environmental organisations and members of the public and identified and prioritised eleven specific targets.  We’re now working to deliver these priorities and you can follow our progress in the Environmental Priorities document that is regularly updated.

The first of these priorities, the development of the 2017 Vegetation Benchmark Report, was completed in 2017 and is now the primary point of reference for all environmental work on the foreshore.  It provides a digitised map of the foreshore, identifies the changes to the foreshore’s vegetation since the previous study (undertaken in 2007) and maps the six Ecological Vegetation Classes (EVCs) that exist on our foreshore.

In 2018 our key environmental targets are:

  • Re-planting in the areas that need it most. The primary locations are adjacent to the Bay Trail with the main target being the area at the end of Elizabeth Avenue, Capel Sound.

  • Weed management at locations across the length of the foreshore. A primary target has been the weed Shade Crasula that has been spreading in recent years.

  • Establishing a trapping program for Indian Mynah birds.

We can’t do it all on our own and need the support of people who care about the foreshore as much as we do -  mainly local residents and campers.  To make it happen we are holding Community Working Bees on the first Sunday of each month where we hope to see as many faces as possible -  including the kids.

For regular updates on projects follow us on social media and join our mailing list by sending us an email.

Key documents:

  • Coastal Management Plan 2016 - Read this to get a sense of the plan for CSF as a whole. It is the best place to start when examining any of the strategies for the management of CSF

  • 2017 Vegetation Benchmark Report - This is the most recent survey completed of CSF and is sensational for understanding the importance of the environment along the coast and particular control methods to ensure that high environmental value is maintained and restored.

  • Environmental Priorities - 2018 Environmental management priorities

  • Flora Survey 2007 - This survey provides an opportunity to compare the changes in flora over the last decade when compared with the 2017 vegetation mapping survey.

  • Camping strategy update